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Sky Offers, be it for Sky+HD TV, Sky Broadband or Sky Talk are designed to suit your entertainment requirements. Sky Offers starting from just £20 a month for 12 months include Sky+HD, Movies, Sports, 3D, and more. Be sure to choose the best deal from the Sky 2013 offers online and take advantage of their services.

*Sky TV prices will increase on 1 September. In accordance with their standard terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in a minimum contract term.

Bundles & Offers from Sky

TV Offers

The most exciting and enticing Sky digital TV packages are all yours to choose from. Once you become a valued Sky TV customer, benefits simply flow your way, as you get to enjoy Sky Talk and Sky Broadband services at unbelievably affordable prices! Sky customers are most likely to enjoy free TV boxes or one-offs on standard set up costs, or even free gift vouchers in some cases as an added extra.

Popular offers

In all, Sky offers three services to its customers – Sky TV, Sky Talk and Sky Broadband. In an initiative to serve their customers with greater benefits and better services, Sky attractively packs all its services in bundles, which can always be customized as per your individual preferences or requirements.

For TV

Sky customers ought to check out the new Sky TV offers regularly. The best Sky deals give you discounts, bargains, sales on Sky TV boxes, including the Sky+ Box, Sky+HD Box, Sky+HD 2TB Box and of course the Sky TV packages. These offers can involve the Sky Family Bundle, the Sky Variety Bundle, and in cases even the premium Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Extra Channels packs at special prices.

For Broadband

Sky Broadband has been made popular through Sky TV. New Sky TV customers can receive Sky Broadband Everday Lite for free when they also opt for the landline phone service Sky Talk with line rental! Also available are Sky Broadband Unlimited with Sky TV, Sky Talk & line rental, or Sky Connect for those who live outside of the network area coverage. Sky line rental is a necessity in this case so as to receive signals from the Sky network.

For Talk

Home phone services at low prices go a long way in reducing your telephone bills. You can have the added convenience of keeping in touch with family and friends on UK landline numbers without restrictions at evenings and weekends when you choose to subscribe to Sky Talk Weekends with line rental. If you prefer to talk throughout the day then you can benefit from the reasonably priced Sky Talk Anytime with line rental, which allows you to speak endlessly at any time of the day or night without worrying about the cost. Sky line rental itself is also available to purchase alone for a small monthly charge.

It is clear that Sky desires to become a one-stop-shop when it comes to providing communication and entertainment facilities for families everywhere. With their attractive and affordable offers, Sky is surely well on its way to accomplishing this and a lot more!

Sky TV Top

Welcome to Sky and choose from a plethora of Sky TV offers which are designed to suit your TV watching preferences and budgets too!! New customers joining Sky TV online receive a and a Free Sky+ box along with its free standard set-up.

Offered to the new customers joining the Sky Starter deal is the 6 months half price Sky TV offer which reduces your TV viewing costs for first 6 months of the 12 month contract period. New customers opting for Sky Broadband and Sky Talk services are also eligible for the 6 months free Unlimited Broadband and Calls offer too which means you enjoy a range of services and save as you wish them as well.

Existing and active Sky TV customers can introduce a friend and receive a provided the friend joins Sky TV and activates the subscription. Other upgrade Sky offers include free Sky+HD Box, Movies and Sports upgrades offers and Sky Multiscreen set-up offer.

Each of these Sky Offers provide Sky customers with added benefits and rewards after all they do deserve something extra special for being with Sky, UK. Mind you, these benefits are offered either for free or at nominal and affordable monthly subscription rates.

Broadband & Calls Top

Stay connected with the world through Sky Broadband & Calls services which are preferred by a large number of customers across the UK for Sky offerst totally unlimited usage, no slowing down of speeds, free trial of McAfee Security Suite and much more. Sky offers its broadband customers with a quality state of art router which offers better wireless coverage than ever before.

You can choose from three levels of Broadband deals viz. Sky Broadband Unlimited which offers unlimited usage while Sky Broadband Lite is just right for emails, occasional use of the Internet and online shopping and the last deal which is Sky Fibre Unlimited suits customers who have heavy internet requirements and multiple users who require simultaneous access of the Internet. If you are on Sky Unlimited Broadband deals can download on unlimited basis for Sky puts absolutely no caps on usage limits not even those under the Fair Usage policy.

Each of these broadband deals are accompanied by Sky promise of fast and uninterrupted broadband speed along with unlimited access to Wi-Fi hotspots from the Cloud for free which allows broadband access even on the move. Opting for Sky Broadband along with a Sky+HD box provides its TV customers with a desired access to Sky Anytime+ service.

When taken along with Sky Calls, customers pay lower Sky Talk Line Rental charges then those charged by other providers. The Sky Talk Weekends deal allows you to enjoy inclusive calls to UK landline numbers all throughout the evening and weekends.

Create TV & Boxes CombinationTop

Sky offers its Sky Entertainment, its most basic Family Bundle at £20 a month for 12 months while for still more entertainment, you could go for Sky Entertainment Extra by paying just £5 extra a month for 12 months. With the option of adding in the Sky Movies Pack which offers 12 dedicated movie channels and scores of movies to watch each month and the Sky Sports Pack for enjoying the latest and live sporting action taking place across the world. You could also opt for the Sky HD pack which offers TV content – programmes, soaps, operas, documentaries in vibrant and stunning picture quality.

What you can watch through Sky Family Bundle?

Popular TV shows, series, comedies, crime stories and much more are on offer through the Sky Family Bundle which offers channels such as Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Arts1, Sky Arts 2, Universal Channels, MTV Live, Comedy Central and many more. You could also check out the select range of lifestyle channels whcih include Star Plus, Star One, Diva TV, Home and Health, Travel and Living and so on. In all, Sky Family Bundle offers top rated 40 channels which offer sheer entertainment.

What you can watch through Sky Variety Bundle?

Enjoy watching additonal 50 channels through the Sky Variety Bundle which offers even more interesting TV content on various segments such as news, documentary, kids, shows, music and more. You simply need to pay just £5 extra a month for 12 months and stay entertained more than ever. Popular channels included are Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Baby TV, Discovery Channel, National Geograpic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery, Crime and Investigation , MTV Music, MTV Classic, Mtv Base, Kerrange, Smash Hits, Sky News, Sky Sports New, Star News and many more. Also with a couple of channels in HD format, you can view almost 90 plus channels when you opt for Sky Variety Bundle

Topping the Sky TV offer deal are its premier channels viz Sky Movies and Sky Sports which contain multiple channels dedicated to genre specific viewing respectively. Also on the offer are select sports channels such as MUTV and Chelsea TV which can be subscribed on an individual basis.

Sky HD is an extra TV pack which airs TV content with 5 times more picture clarity and detail. Watching TV through this pack through your HD TV is surely going to get you hooked on to Sky like never before.

Choosing your Sky Box - After you have decided what to watch, you need to choose the Sky Box. All Sky boxes are HD ready and equipped to air and record HD programmes too. The first and the most basic TV box is the Sky+ Box which is offered free when you join Sky TV online along with its free standard set up.

Thorug the Sky+ Box, you can store upto 60 hours of HD storage provided you have gone for the Sky HD Pack or upto185 hours of SD programmes without the HD Pack

The second alternative is the Sky+1TB box which offers to record up to 740 hours of SD storage and up to 240 hours of HD storage. The standard set up without HD is done free while its HD set up is chargeable.

Through both these boxes, you can pause and rewind Live TV and also enjoy one touch recording of series of your choice. These boxes are ready for airing Sky 3D channel and accessing the Sky Anytime+ service too. Othe Add-on services include Sky Go whcih allows to enjoy Sky TV even when you are on the movie on select registered devices such as iPads, iPhones, tablets and so on.

Choose Broadband & Talk ServicesTop

Sky Broadband-talk offers are simply marvellous and very much within a budget. You can choose from three levels of Sky Broadband combinations viz. Sky Broadband, Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited. These broadband deals can be taken along with Sky Talk Evening and Weekend Calls or Sky Unlimited Anytime Calls. The Sky Line Rental service is one of the cheapest services on the offer, that too on an optional basis.

Sky Broadband can be chosen as per your requirement implying your use of Internet determines the package you need to opt for. In case you are heavy user of the Internet, download a lot of data, play games online, have multiple users at home, you need to opt for Sky Fibre Unlimited. This broadband service offers you unlimited usage, faster speed and unlimited access to Wi-Fi hotspots from the Cloud. On the other hand the Sky Broadband Unlimited offers unlimited usage along with up to promised speeds even during peak times and free Wi-Fi usage. This deal suits Sky TV customers who wish to make most of the Sky Anytime+ service to download a lot of entertainment content offered at no extra cost. Lastly, for customers who browse the net on a less frequent basis,

the Sky Broadband Every day Lite fits the bill for you get 2GB monthly usage limit, up to promised speeds and 24x7 technical support too.

Moving on to Sky Talk services, you can opt for Sky Talk Evening and Weekend Calls deal which includes inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landline numbers, great call rates to UK mobiles and 24x7 access to Sky Contact centres for free. For those who use phone services all the time to stay connected can opt for the Sky Unlimited Anytime Calls deal which also includes unlimited geographic landline calls to 20 popular international destinations along with unlimited calls to UK landline number all round the clock. Customers on this deal also enjoy 20% cheaper rates to UK mobile than those charged by Sky Talk Weekends.

If you wish, you can sign up for the Sky Line rental service which is relatively much cheaper than those offered by other service providers to enjoy a single bill for phone services as well as line rental which does make matters truly covnenient.

In the UK, Sky Broadband serves almost 3 million customers across its fibre optic network which is spread 4,000 miles implying it serves nearly 83% of UK. Keeping in mind its extensive cover base, you can opt for Sky Broadband, Talk and Line rental service combination products which are affordable and reliable too. Coupled with a relatively cheaper line rental service, Sky customers can enjoy paying through a single bill for all the Sky services enjoyed by them.

Sky ProductsTop

Sky Products are an enviable range for products designed to offer Sky customers with an unparalled viewing or enjoyable experience. Sky has divided its product range as per the services on the offer for the convenience of the viewer so that they can decide quickly on which products they wish to opt for.

Ways to Watch

choose from 6 time tried and trusted alternatives when you decide to subscribe to Sky TV services. You can choose from:

Sky+HD - This set top box airs stunning and clear picture quality for those who wish to truly enjoy a marvellous TV viewing experience. When availed with the Sky HD pack, you can enjoy watching up to 66‡ HD channels

Sky+ - This set top box offers you more control over your TV viewing experience for you can control Live TV and even record programmes and entire series of your choice.

Sky 3D - Welcome to the enthralling world of 3D, an exclusive channel offered by Sky at no extra cost provided you opt for Sky World package and own a 3D TV.

Sky Anytime+ - The no monthly cost on demand library from Sky allows you to choose what you wish to watch and when by simply downloading the same on to your Sky TV box.

Sky Go - The Sky Go service is designed to view Sky TV programmes even if you are on teh move by simply registering for the service and also the device on which you wish to view these Sky programmes.

Sky Multiscreen - Respecting different viewing preferences of the each members of the family, Sky Multiscreen enables each of them to enjoy what they wish to watch and when.

Broadband & Talk

The most popular combination of broadband-talk services is what makes using them even more affordable and convenient. Choose your preferred broadband deal which ranges from unlimited broadband deal or a limited broadband deal along with a promise of no slowing down of speeds at peak times and desired downloads as per the Sky Broadband package you go for. You can opt for an inclusive Evening and Weekend call deal or an Anytime Calls deals to stay in touch more while lower your phone bills too. Also the relatively cheaper line rental costs offers you with an extremely affordable package to opt for.

TV Packs

Get lost in the world of entertainment for Sky offers so much more that you will wonder what to watch and when. Beginning with Sky Family Bundle offering 40 popular TV channels along with Sky Entertainment Extra offering yet another 50 channels watching TV becomes even more interesting. You could also opt for two premier channels Sky Movies if you are a movie buff or a Sports Pack if you are an ardent lover of sports. With add-on channels such as MUTV, Chelsea TV, MGM HD, Disney Cinemagic and Sky offers it all.


Sky Kit comprises of Sky TV boxes and a special Sky wireless kit. Popular Sky TV boxes viz. Sky Plus Box, Sky+HD Box and Sky+HD 2TB Box are extremely easy to use and operate. Equipped with storage facility and controls for Live TV, watching TV through these boxes does revolutionise the way you watch TV. Black and Sleek in colour, you can definitely find them attractive to place them along with your TV in your home.

The Sky Wireless Router is designed to offer best possible wireless coverage with stronger signals while the Sky Wireless connector allows you to get connected to the Sky Anytime+ library through Sky box and Broadband service and access programmes of your choice.

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Popular Combinations

The Family Bundle

  • £75 credits added to your bill
  • Over 80 channels
  • Over 45 HD channels
  • 240 free-to-air-channels
  • Box Sets on demand & Sky 3D
£24.75*/m for 12 months

The Movies Bundle

  • £75 credits added to your bill
  • Over 35 channels
  • 8 free-to-air HD channels
  • 240 free-to-air-channels
  • All 11 Sky Movies channels,
  • including Sky Movies Disney
£28.50*/m for 12 months

The Sports Bundle

  • £75 credits added to your bill
  • Over 35 channels
  • 8 free-to-air HD channels
  • 240 free-to-air-channels
  • All 6 Sky Sports channels,
£34.50*/m for 12 months
* Sky Line Rental is payable on all packages - just €15.40 a month