Sky offers new customers

Sky offers new customers many different deals to reward you for choosing their service over other providers.

Free Sky+HD Box
*Sky Line Rental payable (£14.50 a month).

TV Offers

The 'Introduce a Friend' offer is available for new Sky customers when a friend introduces you to join Sky. You will both receive a £100 Bill Credits to spend in store.

Offer codes are sometimes given out, and you can use these on the Sky website to get a discount on your deal, even if its only on the first month. Many of the best value offers online come with a free £100 Bill Credits for you to spend in store on food and other household goods, so it rewards you for choosing Sky.

Other offers currently available include is the Sky Broadband at twelve months half price with Sky TV. Which includes unlimited broadband internet for new customers joining with a bundle that includes internet, Talk and line rental.

You can get a package with a free Sky+ Box and set up after you sign up to Sky TV online. This comes with a £100 Bill Credits. The other Sky Kit offer is a free Sky+HD box and free standard set up with a HD pack when you join online. You also get a £100 Bill Credits to spend in store.

You can sign up to the Sky TV, internet and telephone line services all in one, so you make the most of your money by bundling them altogether. This means you also get one bill per month and so makes it easier to manage at the same time.